February was fun. Really fun. I’m feeling extremely grateful with the adventures that took place. I was lucky enough to fill my soul with an incredible hike into the Grand Canyon. An unbelievable adventure! More on that here. And this last week I went on a super, soul-igniting adventure called Yeah Field Trip.

I traveled with a couple of friends to Yeah Field Trip for the purpose of learning more about photography. But the funny thing is, I didn’t take a single photography class. There were so many other classes my soul needed instead. I loved hearing about others creative journeys. I loved meeting so many people that are following their hearts. Their passions. Like minded people finding their way. I took few photos. And, my photos don’t tell the magic that happened deep in my heart.

It was a gathering of such. And we gathered with others to learn. To educate. To connect. To grow. To laugh. To cry. To be fed. To fill up. To love. To listen. To notice. To be curious. Basically, to be deeply nourished.

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful this experience was. I am forever grateful and amazed at the creative souls who gathered there and all of the goodness there is in this wonderful world.

Happy March Friends!


Leslie Friend

Creator Leslie Friend is a girl who loves to make. A mother of three growing children, she is always looking for ways to feed their creative souls.

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