Many Lists

As I welcome December, I accept the fact that I will have LONG lists!  Lists of things to do, things to make and things to buy.  If you are like me, your list is long of what to do and what to buy. I like to give the kids Chalk Lots and let them come up with their own lists.  Encouraging them to write lists of what they will do or make  or buy for others on a Chalk Lots.  Teaching them that keeping things visible and organized is part of the process of being productive. This year, I am encouraging the kids to focus on making their gifts for each other. (And, hopefully for me!)  I found this resource to include a list of homemade gifts that even the boys could get into, without being too overwhelming.  I’ve ordered my supplies for the gift I will be making for a few on my list.  I can’t wait to get started!

Leslie Friend

Creator Leslie Friend is a girl who loves to make. A mother of three growing children, she is always looking for ways to feed their creative souls.

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