Making Lists

I spent part of the last week in Colorado getting Libby settled into her new home away from home. Oh my. I just can’t believe that she is a freshman in college. Leaving her was extremely hard on my heart, but I am so excited for her future!

Packing was made a little easier, and if not easier, way more fun with our Chalk Lots List. We made our initial list and checked things off. Washed it off and made a new list. That continued even in Boulder making a few more runs to Target crossing things off lists.

A few things I discovered:
Taking boys to college is a whole lot easier than taking girls.
Target Red Card really does save you money.
Snap Chat filters break up the day and make life even more fun. (Just like Chalk Lots.)

Leslie Friend

Creator Leslie Friend is a girl who loves to make. A mother of three growing children, she is always looking for ways to feed their creative souls.

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